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The Real Travelers’ Guide- Konkan region & Meghalaya

May 24, 2013

The vacation season beckons us but time is still short between all that you need to complete within this one visit & your promise to your family that they’ll have a memorable time, do you feel stuck? The following 2 destinations are here to your rescue.

Konkan: So there is Mumbai and there is Goa. What’s in between? What’s in between is a stretch of pristine coastal land, yet to be explored. Although recent times have seen an influx of tourists, mainly local, the “Konkan” for the world do not really exist. A belt full of great beaches, mouth watering cuisine, hilly cliffs that meet the sea and honest, good people- Konkan is where you can grab a beer and chill- without the obviousness of Goa and without the crowd of Mumbai. As near as a mere 175 km from Mumbai- the Konkan belt has a lot to offer.

If you happen to hit the Konkan road, one must try is the local fried fish and the quintessential Maharastrian meal which they call “thali” and in available in any “Khanavals” or restaurant. One can book an entire house with terrace for as less as 1200 INR a day!

Meghalaya: Called “the Scotland of India” and which literally means “the abode of clouds” Meghalaya is a quaint little state nestled in the great Himalayas and which houses Cherrapunji- a place known for receiving the highest amount of rainfall in the world. It’s a mystical experience being in Meghalaya- you might just stand in a sunny spot while watching a gush of shower a foot ahead of you! Its a play of sun and rain all throughout the valley and of course interspersed with great ancient monoliths that make you wonder whether it has any connection with the Easter Islands! Right from the snakey road that takes you to Meghalaya to the caves and hidden blue lagoons- its a place so not ubiquitous that you’d actually believe that only dreamy clouds can live here!

Well connected through roadways (through Guwahati-Assam), Shillong is Meghalaya’s capital- a place you’d love to note for its cleanliness. Picture perfect homes, wild roses, little white Churches with their conical heads and happy people make Shillong. Bump onto someone and all you’ll see is them smiling right back at you! It’s a place that makes you believe in happiness.

Must try in Meghalaya would be the Tibetan and Khasi-Garo cuisine which is in one word- Delish!

That would be us with our week’s travel pick for the day. Explore the unexplored; better an experience that can be bettered and see beyond beyond the obvious is what our travel motto is and will always be!



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Are Indians Brought Up Abroad Still Considered Better?

September 3, 2011

I remember my days as one of the few Indian students at Oxford quite fondly. For the most part, I had a great time. It was a completely new world for me, a world I was fascinated by and learned a lot from. And thanks to that education, I have lived a life of fulfillment and reward in the UK.

But there was one thing I noticed when I began working in London, around three decades ago. The Indians who had come to the UK to work were often regarded as ‘lesser’ individuals than us. And by us, I don’t just mean the locals in the UK, but even people like me who had received their education in the UK. Because somehow the perception at the time was that Indians, who had neither been brought up nor educated in the UK, were less capable or not as smart.

I found myself constantly comforting my few Indian colleagues. And it was not an easy period in my life. Especially since my Indian brethren viewed me as part of the ‘enemy camp’. Though I didn’t really blame them, I had to strike a careful balance between being friendly with the locals and supporting my fellow countrymen. But once they saw that I was just one of them, they opened up and told me about how they felt they were considered lesser than me only because I had an academic qualification.

But that was the situation in my time. Thankfully, the scenario has changed dramatically these days. My son’s friends, who work in the UK but have graduated in India from various renowned schools like the National Law School or one of the IIMs, feel they are at par with their British colleagues. And that makes me extremely happy. I realize that India’s own growth in global stature has contributed to this perception of people from there. But then, it is the people who have perpetuated the country’s rise, isn’t it?

Gone are the days when Indians who are brought up in India are considered lesser global citizens than anyone else. Today the best companies scout talent from India, and there are countless examples of people who have been born, brought up and educated in India doing exceedingly well in global corporations the world over.

It’s truly the age of India and the global Indian. And the best part is, it’s only the beginning!

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