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Celebrating Republic Day outside India

January 25, 2013

Many Indians may have made their home abroad, but their hearts and minds still remain in India! Religious festivals are celebrated with much fanfare, but when it comes to celebrating the country, they are not far behind either! (more…)

Christmas Holidays

December 21, 2012

As an Indian settled abroad for many years, Diwali is the one time in the year that most of us NRIs miss home the most. For me, personally, Diwali through my childhood was the most special and fun time. All my cousins would come to visit and stay with us. There would be lots of fun, masti, and laughter. And with all the crackers, the yummy food, and the celebrations; it was a time when as kids one really had a great time.

But why am I talking about Diwali when it’s just gotten over? Well because here in the US, Christmas is upon us. And the kind of celebrations, the holiday mood people are in, is exactly like that of Diwali back in India. People start preparing well in advance for Christmas. We buy gifts for friends and family; there are lots of parties leading up to Christmas, just like there would be leading up to Diwali. In many ways, Christmas here, is very much the Diwali of the West.

NRIs like myself get a chance to participate in a really popular festival, at the same time, recreate some of the Diwali magic of home, albeit, through a different festival. My children have been born and brought up here in the US, so for them Christmas is very much their Diwali. Their enthusiasm, their parties, their mingling with friends; each aspect reminds both of us parents of our own childhoods from Diwali time; mine in Delhi, Anita’s in Kolkata. In fact for Anita, it’s even more enjoyable in a way because Kolkata always had a very active Christmas scene, and here in NYC, the Christmas capital of the world; it just takes things to a whole new level from her Christmas times spent up and down the wonderfully lit and festive Park Street of Kolkata.

All in all, Christmas may be a Western festival, but living here for so many years, and for different reasons; it has become our own festival too. We have adopted it, and it has adopted us. And it makes for a very happy time!

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