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The Plight Of Women In NRI Marriages

October 13, 2011

My sister got married last year. As a protective younger brother, I was concerned about her post-wedding well-being, particularly for two reasons. First, her’s was an arranged marriage, which meant that she did not know Arjun Jijaji the way one would intimately know a partner in a love marriage. And second, they were to live in Europe.

Having never lived abroad earlier, I knew that my sister would find it hard to adjust to her new life. As if adjusting with a new person and a new way of life would not be challenging enough, there was an entirely new culture she would have to adapt to, which made not just me but everyone in the family worry about her.

So when she returned home during her first visit after marriage, we were naturally concerned and curious about how her life was shaping up. She was bombarded with a battery of questions. The answers were not surprising, as they confirmed not just her own, but the larger plight of women in NRI marriages. Having said that, it was not all bleak. Beyond the many adjustments that she had had to make, there was a silver lining of a happy and content existence.

But what were the kind of adaptations that were needed? For one, staying abroad meant that she had to do all the housework and chores herself, which was a far cry from the pampered existence in India, where domestic assistance is always available. Second, she had to get used to a completely different kind of cuisine. Third, she had to make a huge effort to build a social life, not an easy task since most women abroad work full time. And of course, there was the new man in her life, with whom she was living and trying to really understand. And these she said, are the facets that are common to nearly all NRI wives.

But because her new life also presented her with a devoted husband, the prospect of exploring a foreign land and travel, the promise of a well-planned life with quality amenities and infrastructure, the effort was well worth it. And that made it all alright for her, as it did for many other NRI wives.

Indian Festive Fashion At Your Doorstep

October 12, 2011

Festival time in India means a lot of things. It means time to bond with family and friends, to eat and drink yummy delicacies, and to dress traditionally, and dress well. It’s the time when we shop till our heart’s content, and really go the extra mile to pamper ourselves by wearing luxurious, new, traditional saares, lehengas, Kurta pyjamas, and jewelry.

And the most pleasant surprise when it comes to dressing in traditional Indian festive attire is that now one can indulge in the latest traditional wear not just in India, but the world over. My husband and I, along with our two sons, have been living in the US for a number of years now. But when we initially moved here from India, there wasn’t much by way of Indian that one readily got in the markets and stores here. It was only in certain Indian stores, that too in the few predominantly Indian localities, that one could get Indian things, particularly clothing, and that too, limited options.

But attribute it to India’s growing global stature or just the sheer number of Indians who now live abroad, the entire scenario has undergone a sea change, and for the better. Today, shopping for traditional festival clothes for Diwali in a place like New York is almost on par with the Christmas shopping!

This tremendous change has ensured that for us and thousands of Indian families like ours, who are living abroad and away from India, that at least when it comes to the raw material one needs to truly celebrate our favorite native festivals, we don’t miss home. Of course what we do miss are the people, family and friends that are irreplaceable. But even they can be called over. Crucially, the atmosphere that one is now able to create is extremely close to the real thing back home, and that is a very recent and a welcome development.

It gives people like us a chance to really stay connected with our roots. Buying and wearing new clothes is much more than a retail indulgence, it’s the way we feel a sense of belonging and a sense of culture and ethos, and festival fashions that are now at our doorstep. These go a long way in ensuring that invaluable feeling.

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