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Monsoon memoirs!

July 19, 2013

Yes, it’s messy, muddy and often plays spoilsport but there’s another side to the season. A side that we reminisce on; the romance of the rains that brings out the philosopher in each one of us. This evening, as it pours, we will etch you a fantastic tapestry of the Indian monsoon, woven with threads of nostalgia. So you can enjoy the weather and culinary experience it brings to us with the onset of the season, sitting a thousand miles away!

You wake up at 7. Snooze the alarm and fall asleep again. Everything else in the world falls back before your comfort and the love of your comforter. You want to sleep like a baby while the rains sing a lullaby for you. For us, Indians, monsoon means comfort, fun, colors and happiness. Walk out on any typical rainy day and the streets are a riot of colors. Somewhere within, it instills hope. Why else would someone buy an umbrella with the color of a rainbow if not to battle a grey day!

As you walk through the same lane, fulfilling your responsibilities- the usual of an everyday mendicant- you pass through a familiar smell. Smell that spells rain. Fried food from the ubiquitous vendors that seem to pop up in every office lane. Mouthwatering. Ignoring it as you walk pass, in a very old wall maybe, you look carefully and see moss. You awaken the child within and run your hand along for that velvety feel. Smiling in the rains for no reason is absolutely justified.

While at work you keep looking at that big window and feast your eyes on the torrential downpour, a sudden splash drench you as you step out after a busy day. Quite surprisingly it brings a smile across your face. You hail a tuktuk and sit in it refreshed. The driver draws the plastic curtains in order to save you but you push it away instead- loving the feeling of the cool wind full of water droplets. Maybe stop somewhere for a bowl of hot soup!

You reach home and take little pleasures in all the rain related culinary delights, pull a shawl over you and read a book and fall asleep with the heavenly lullaby. Thank God for the rains.

Monsoons in India

September 1, 2012

Masti, maza, mauj… Those are the three words that ring in my ears each time I think back about the many monsoons I spent in my childhood in Mumbai. Mumbai is all about building community living. And come the first signs of rain, all us kids would gather together & play in the rain, get wet, make paper boats and let them flow of course, as we grew older we played slightly rougher, but fun games nonetheless. Rains meant a sabbatical from everything. Because the rain in Mumbai would get so bad, that our schools would shut. And that meant play time, all the time!

Of course, that was the fun monsoons when I was a kid. With all my building friends, and cousins. As I grew older the monsoon in India still remained very special to me. Its meaning changed from getting down & dirty in the mud, but its place in my heart stayed in tact. Being a writer, in my young adulthood days, the Mumbai rains brought a fresh inspiration to my work. The world turned tourmaline green and everything acquired this glossy sheen of newness. The smell of rain on dry ground was tantalizing. So earthy. I loved it.

Later still, the rains in Mumbai became inextricably connected with love & romance. My first girlfriend & would spend countless evenings huddled under a single umbrella on Marine Drive. Getting soaked never felt more intimate and special. Once again, it as the Mumbai monsoon that was playing both catalyst & cupid in my life. As the waves lashed the then clean beach, we got a splash of water from the ocean; at the same time, the rain poured down on us, cleansing our innocent souls, bringing us closer together, in this perfect union of mind & body.

Today, I live far far away from India. Being settled abroad has been great for me, both personally as well as professionally. But once every two years, I go back to India. I go back to my Mumbai monsoon. I get wet, play, eat the hot chai & vadas, and take it all in, so I never miss out on all that the Mumbai rains brought with it. Joy, love, and a bit of divine intervention!

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