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The Real Travelers’ Guide- Konkan region & Meghalaya

May 24, 2013

The vacation season beckons us but time is still short between all that you need to complete within this one visit & your promise to your family that they’ll have a memorable time, do you feel stuck? The following 2 destinations are here to your rescue.

Konkan: So there is Mumbai and there is Goa. What’s in between? What’s in between is a stretch of pristine coastal land, yet to be explored. Although recent times have seen an influx of tourists, mainly local, the “Konkan” for the world do not really exist. A belt full of great beaches, mouth watering cuisine, hilly cliffs that meet the sea and honest, good people- Konkan is where you can grab a beer and chill- without the obviousness of Goa and without the crowd of Mumbai. As near as a mere 175 km from Mumbai- the Konkan belt has a lot to offer.

If you happen to hit the Konkan road, one must try is the local fried fish and the quintessential Maharastrian meal which they call “thali” and in available in any “Khanavals” or restaurant. One can book an entire house with terrace for as less as 1200 INR a day!

Meghalaya: Called “the Scotland of India” and which literally means “the abode of clouds” Meghalaya is a quaint little state nestled in the great Himalayas and which houses Cherrapunji- a place known for receiving the highest amount of rainfall in the world. It’s a mystical experience being in Meghalaya- you might just stand in a sunny spot while watching a gush of shower a foot ahead of you! Its a play of sun and rain all throughout the valley and of course interspersed with great ancient monoliths that make you wonder whether it has any connection with the Easter Islands! Right from the snakey road that takes you to Meghalaya to the caves and hidden blue lagoons- its a place so not ubiquitous that you’d actually believe that only dreamy clouds can live here!

Well connected through roadways (through Guwahati-Assam), Shillong is Meghalaya’s capital- a place you’d love to note for its cleanliness. Picture perfect homes, wild roses, little white Churches with their conical heads and happy people make Shillong. Bump onto someone and all you’ll see is them smiling right back at you! It’s a place that makes you believe in happiness.

Must try in Meghalaya would be the Tibetan and Khasi-Garo cuisine which is in one word- Delish!

That would be us with our week’s travel pick for the day. Explore the unexplored; better an experience that can be bettered and see beyond beyond the obvious is what our travel motto is and will always be!



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Everyday Life As An NRI

March 21, 2013

I have been living and working in the Big Apple, that’s New York city, for the past 15 years. But I must confess, I was a reluctant visitor when I first arrived here in the United States. The job situation in India back then was quite dismal; and having studied at some very sought after places and having worked as hard as I had; it seemed that getting a job at home in India, would just not be rewarding enough for all that I had done. Hence, I landed up in NYC.

So for all those who think NYC is some heaven; well, think again. Yes, it is no doubt one of the world’s greatest cities. And that it has given me a life I could have never dreamed of in India, well, the answer to that would also be a resounding yes. But like everywhere in the world, this seemingly perfect city has its fair share of problems. Its not always hunky dory here. From traffic jams that are the city’s Achilles’s heel to rents that are higher than the tall sky scrapers; its not always easy-breezy like Central Park. Most of us regular humans live way out of downtown Manhattan and tackle long commutes to even longer working days.

I suppose my point is this. Now, having grown older, and hopefully a bit wiser; I have started to view things a bit differently. I long for home, long for the dirty smells of India. To my mind, with the Indian job market having evolved leaps & bounds and with the world’s attention now on India; its a great time to get a great job back home. Then, why not weather some of the problems of our own cities instead of living so many thousands of miles away?

If I can be stuck in traffic in New York, I’d rather be stuck in traffic, in Mumbai! If I’m paying through my nose in NYC to live in Queens, I’d rather pay through my nose and live in Bandra. Again, my simple point, as an NRI, I now crave to return home. To be close to friends and family. To be, in my motherland. But hey, that’s just my personal opinion. Tonnes of my NRI friends aren’t as eager as I am to return, and they are entitled to their opinions. Its a subjective thing. But if I had it my way, I’d rather be home.



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