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The Proud Indian Wedding

November 7, 2012

It’s such an amazing and incredible feeling, I just have to write about it and share it with everyone. Especially with all the other NRIs like myself who have left their beloved India, moved abroad, and made a life there. I too moved to DC about ten years ago. Met and fell in love hopelessly with my beautiful ‘now-wife’ Angie. And ever since, we have lived happily with our two kids Josh & Jennifer, here in America.

But what is the reason for my extreme happiness? Well, ever since I left India I have missed it immensely. I have never hidden this fact. My parents back in Aurangabad, the friends I grew up with, the smells and sights of my childhood, which was a very happy one; everything about my India – the people, the places, and the incidents, I have missed. Unfortunately, Angie and my schedules have never quite matched, and we have seldom been able to go back, together. Mostly we just send the kids to their grandparents, and then I make the odd trip back home. But never has there been a real opportunity for Angie and me to travel back to India, together.

And that’s the opportunity that’s finally here. My sister is getting married in Delhi. And we are all packed to leave for India, not just for the wedding, but for two extra weeks. And the excitement is just unbeatable. The best part is, not just me, Angie too has been waiting for something like this to happen for a long time. And just the thought that it’s finally going to come true, is truly exciting for both of us.

So what do I have planned? The bottom line is to show off my beautiful country, its traditions, food, sights, and weddings, to the hilt. And share all of this together as a family. The festivities will kick off with the wedding itself – The music, dancing, the beautiful traditional ceremonies of the Mehendi. All the regal & elaborate clothes. The yummy ‘shaadi’ food. It’s going to be a treat. And then, after the wedding when my sister and her newlywed husband are off to their honeymoon; Angie, the kids & I will take my parents and head down south to the backwaters in Kerela!

Just spend some quality family time together on a house boat, while we soak in the pristine scenery and charm of the mesmerizing backwaters. Eat the yummy South Indian food. Get drunk on some rustic toddy. And do all the things that I love to do in my country. It’s going to be one heck of a trip. And I can’t wait for Angie, Josh and Jennifer, to get this dose of Indian flavors!


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